The Dragon and The Rooster

Once upon a time, there lived a royal family who lived in a magnificent castle high in the mountains. Their family had a dragon that guarded the pass to the mountains and kept the family safe. The dragon had magnificent ruby scales tipped with gold and golden belly, and his eyes were as green as jade.

The dragon would stand vigilant every night to protect the mountain from the neighboring kingdom and sleep during the day when the King’s guards were awake. The guards had a habit of oversleeping, so the King bought a magnificent red rooster to crow in the morning.

The dragon guarded his post all night, but when he turned to the bed, the Rooster’s incessant crowing kept him up all day.

“Little cousin,” bellowed the dragon. “Why do you insist on crowing every morn?”

“To greet the sun, and to make sure the humans are awake to work! For the day is ordained as a blessing,” crowed the rooster.

“Little cousin, have you thought that some people and creatures live by night?”

“Those are not safe or ordained by the sun. I care not for their slumber.”

“I see,” grumbled the dragon as he took his post.

That night, the dragon could barely keep his eyes open, but he caught a spy from the neighboring kingdom and smote him with his fiery breath. The king’s guard to their post and to rooster crowed throughout the day.

The next night, the dragon was so sleepy that he went into a giant slumber before the steps and a small team of from the neighboring kingdom broke into the castle and burgled all the fine jewelry and artworks.

The king was furious with the dragon and stormed down to the base of the mountain to find him sleeping.

“Dragon, what calls thee to be sleeping on thine post?” hollered the king.

The dragon opened one jade eye, and his yawn shook the whole castle.

“Tis the rooster. The arrogant bird’s incessant crowing has kept me awake every day since you brought him here. I would have roasted him myself, but for the reverence for your kingdom.”

The king’s manner calmed, and he nodded. “Ahh, I understand my friend, I will fix this matter by evening if thou return to thine post.”

“I most graciously agree, my lord,” said the dragon as he stood back at his post.

The following day, there was a guard who jingled a bell, but the bell went blessedly silent after the rest of the guard awoke. That evening, the royal family had the most exquisite dinner of roasted chicken.

The moral of the story, not everyone is a morning person.

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