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by Sarah J. Herbison

Narrated by: Darek Weber

Production by: Sarah Herbison

Supernatural Fueled Corruption!

A lot can be said about small hometowns. For some that is where corruption and evil can hide much more easily than in the big cities.  Valerie Randolf discovers this the hard way after losing her best friend, her family, and more when an evil so vile forces her silence. She returns home to find her kid sister and face the evil in a showdown.

Sarah Herbison, the author, demonstrates the smallness of a hometown as she carefully weaves a supernatural mystery of death and fear.  Taking the well-known traits of small towns, she emphasizes that while nothing is truly secret, it’s the smallness, the intimacy that creates the fear. The relationships of each person and their interconnectedness is revealing. Her imagery is strong and colorful. The characters have depth, and the dialogue is satisfying.

The narrator, Darek Weber provides a good performance speaking clearly and with a steady cadence.  He does not use unique voices for the characters but rather relies on changing the pitch slightly to his voice as needed.  As written the story does not require distinctly unique voices and it would most likely take away from the story.  Weber captures the story accurately and brings it to life.

I enjoyed this audio for the mystery and the supernatural aspect of the story, but I thoroughly enjoyed the accurate portrayal of small-town life and relationships.

There were no issues with the quality or production of this audiobook, it was well done.

This book has been awarded the Audiobook Reviewer’s Choice Award. A prestigious award for those books that rate a higher than the standard five-star review.