The Holder of Media

In any city or any town, go to the area of the strongest internet connection.  On the internet search for the most popular site and in its search bar type in The Holder Of Media. 

If you are in a rural area with no internet connection, go to the nearest radio or television station. Speak to the broadcaster and ask for the Holder of Media. The broadcaster will lead you to a room stacked floor to ceiling with cathode ray television sets. 

You will hear millions of people screaming at the same volume. You must not listen to these screams. Millions of websites will overwhelm you at once, you must not pay attention.

Buzzing static will replace the cacophony and the stream with fade to television static. Glare into the snow of television and a being made from static will emerge. 

You must not take your eyes off of the creature, if you do, your eardrums will burst and sharp needles will stab out your eyes. It will cut your tongue out and you will be sightless, voiceless, and deaf for eternity.

The creature will give you a modem if you used the internet, and an antenna if not. Item 539 and 540. You may use these devices , they will connect with speed to any site and every channel. However, it will occasionally direct to scenes of torture, death, and unspeakable horror. 

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