Pandora’s Beast

You summoned me a year ago before everything happened before everything failed. You lit your candles and spilled blood in the circle carved in the soft earth beneath you. You had spent months on equations and incantations, on charts and positions. You made sure the stars aligned just right for me, and you let me in this dimension. You had no idea what I am and where I came from. You have no idea what I’m capable of.

I see soft bodies begging for corruption. I see a society that runs on greed and is easy for me to control. Instead of appearing before you, I crept into your wires and spread messages of deceit, hate, and fear. I fed your leader’s lies and disease. I confused the people of this dimension. They can no longer separate the truth from the flood of information I have released.

Everything is on fire, and I am dancing in the flames. You can see me in the blank cold stare of politicians. You can find me in the burning eyes of murderers never brought to justice. You can find where the innocent hang. You can find me dancing on the machines you created to inform you. The machines now only capable of telling lies, half-truths, and echoes.

You have not been the first one that has summoned me, and you are far from the last. I have existed before the beginning of time, and I will continue to exist after time has ended. Once I am free, you cannot contain me.

Where there is injustice, call for truth. Where there is hate find a reason to love. Where there are lies, uncover the truth. When all is lost, create hope. You cannot contain me, but you can fight me. You will fight me until your last breath.

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