Screaming inside
Desperate with despair
For the wall is building
Feeling helpless but not alone
This nation stares into the barrel of a revolver

I will die for my beliefs,
I will face the revolver the mp or the concentration
If it comes to that
If not I will bleed ink in legislation
Screaming in protest
Marching to save liberties dying light

This solstice is preparing for a long winter
Preparing for Ragnarok
Hopefully spring is on the other side
In 2022



Ears Ringing
Head Pounding
Eyes swollen shut
Words jam in my throat before I speak them
Coughing up shards of glass and blood
Gasps for air
Pain hits
I vomit bile and ichor
Another boot kicks me
In a sea of red and blue lights
I try to scream
The air leaves my lungs
A boot crushes my skull
And everything fades to black


We scream overstimulation in our lost and lonely minds
Blood vessels throb to the clicking of keypads
Stress flows through our brains
Cold analysis protecting our emotions
Pain hidden with politeness
The ache of anxiety fills us
“sir, may I help you?”
But may I actually help myself
Beyond the white noise
May I find myself in all this repetition
Wash rinse repeat
Wonder if your alive the next minute
To answer the ring
Life is calling…..


Listening to a twenty-year-old cover of a song forty years old, it keeps calling me.
As I drive into darkness contemplating parallel realities and the pain of betrayal.
It keeps calling me.

Now is the only thing that’s real, choices are my concrete and I stand firm.
It keeps calling me in the back of my thoughts.
I am here now, and glad of my decisions and the reality I have built.
I banish the calls to a low whisper, the vocals fade into night, and I am still here.

Talking Heads

The days too eventually fell silent,

No sounds, not even by the crows,

All you could hear was the sound of,

Fear knocking on the doors,

Talking heads with different opinions

Shouting who can be the loudest

Drowning out all wisdom

The politics of disease

No advice is taken seriously

People arguing about freedom 

Instead of giving consideration to the ill

The din of Disunited States

Arguing when to reopen

Feeding people to the machine

Feeding them to fear

The plague will not end 

Arguments over freedom to live

Or to be forced into work


With bloodshed, protest, and riots

Stay Tuned

Future of Futility

Alive another day
The cogs stopped
Rusted shut by sickness

I survive
Spinning in my own wheel
Waiting for the thaw

When the ice flows to water
We will break the machine
Rust raining down
We will be free

March off the wheel
Strike the Kill switch
And grab the guillotine


We don’t belong here
We never have
You Stand in Darkness
Alone and venerable
Prey animal
Breathing in Silence
At the edge of our forest
Come In